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Manga Creators is a place for both writers and artists of manga to come and get noticed. If you don't know what manga is it is Japanese Style Comics. So if you write, draw, tone, etc. on Manga then please feel free to join this group. We also accept fanart and much more pertaining to manga/anime.

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#1 You can submit up to ONE artwork a day in this group. This is so that everyone's work gets seen.

#2 You can submit anything that has to do with manga/anime including: Original Stories, Fan Fiction, Original Art [logos, character concepts, etc.], & Fan Art. If you have a different kind of work you want to submit feel free to submit it. If it is accepted by any of the Founders or Co-Founders you will then find it in the gallery. If it is not accepted there might be many reasons why.

#3 We will accept mature works as long as they follow DeviantArt guidelines. If you do not want to see these mature artworks please turn your mature filter on right away.

#4 Anyone can join this group as a member. If you want to be one of the Contributors please send me a note saying you would like to be a contributor and I will then send you a invitation to our group.

#5 At anytime the rules/information are subject to change without notice.


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:woohoo: Affiliate with us! :woohoo:
Alright. So, we had a few replies about people looking for artists or writers. Here's the catalogue. If you didn't get a chance to get your name in here, then feel free to comment on this journal and I'll add you. Also, if you've changed your mind about wanting to be included here, let me know and I'll take you off.

If you see someone on here that you want to work with please send them a private message. Don't just comment on this journal.


1. :icondarkone4587: darkone4587

Project Status: Generally I'd like to start from scratch, but I have a ton of ideas.

Preferred Genre: Generally fantasy, but I have plans to branch out eventually.

Seriousness Level: 4/5 (I would be a five, but I've got plenty of other work going on.)

2. :iconteddyten: TeddyTen

Project Status: I have a few ideas, but I'm always willing to work with others on their ideas. I'm really looking for a medium-sized project, as in not full time, but with some good effort put in by both parties. Hopefully with a goal of publishing.

Preferred Genre: Sci-fi and horror, mostly. Sometimes with a historic setting, it depends.

Seriousness Level: 3.5-4/5  I have a good amount of free time, but a few things that take time out of that.

3. :iconstraight-lace: Straight-Lace

Project Status: I have one or two aborted projects from when I tried going solo, but I am willing to work from scratch.

Preferred Genre:  I'm very flexible in terms of genre, though I do have a leaning towards fantasy/sci-fi.

Seriousness Level: 4/5   I'm also trying to write a book and get it published.

4. :iconcyberweasel89: Cyberweasel89

Project Status: I have several (projects). I have concept docs for them in my gallery, but too many to actually link here. If you want specific links to some of them without going through my gallery, just ask. I am, myself, okay with writing a project for someone else, but it's very hard when I don't know everything that's in the artist's head.

Preferred Genre:I'm also willing to do yaoi and yuri writing, and my genres are all over the place aside from romance. I also enjoy light to heavy ecchi elements. Problem is that, as a bisexual girl, I prefer ecchi elements from/for both genders. I'm actually very good at writing and choreographing fight and action scenes (at least, more so than other writers).

Seriousness Level: 5/5


1. :iconbenepearl: Benepearl

Project Status: I do have a project I'm working on, but I'm still interested in doing a short term gig or project as long as it's not long term.

Preferred Genre: Anything really. I always practice different genres and study them.

Seriousness Level: 3.5-4/5  I'm being generous. I don't have all the time or resources to make it pro looking, but I do put dedication into my pages.

Sample Art: Sample 1
Sample 2

2. :iconsyo-senpai: syo-senpai

Project Status: I'm interested in one shot projects only, being that I'm currently working on two webcomics.

Preferred Genre: I'm okay with drawing anything as long as it isn't furry. Right now I'm interested in drawing a dark fantasy/gothic one-shot story (not HP Lovecraft, think Tim Burton).

Seriousness Level: 4/5

Sample Art: Sample 1
Sample 2

3. :iconrotrubin: RotRubin

Project Status: I am not currently collabing on a project, tbh. I don't want to e involved in a long project at first. One shots are perfect for me!

Preferred Genre: BL, GL, ecchi, fantasy, realistic, mystery/noir, paranormal. Honestly just check what I'm into and that's it. I'll do het but BL is a serious yes for me. <3 NSFW is A-OK with me, too.

Seriousness Level: 3/5  I would like to do art, but I've had too many projects fall through, and that's honestly saddening.

Sample Art: Here's my tumbler. No NSFW.

4. :iconkikubi: Kikubi

Project Status I am doing a web comic of my own right now, so I'm looking for a small to medium-sized project. A one shot or a short series would be ideal. There's a magazine I was thinking of submitting to, but I don't have any ideas for it, so if you've got a short one shot idea, that would be ideal.

Preferred Genre: Anything is fine. I'm more used to shonen/action manga, but I wouldn't mind trying my hand at some other stuff for once.

Seriousness Level: 5/5

Sample Art: My Webcomic

:icongehiroyuki01: GehiroYuki01

Project Status: My other projects are on hold. I'm looking at doing a one-shot or at most 4 chapters. I'm not really interested in co-writing, so I'm just here to take orders.

Preferred genre: I'm not too picky. I mainly do shoujo-style, but I'm interested in trying my hand in other genres. I prefer something that does not require a lot of referencing (so something historic/super scifi/mecha isn't an option).

Keep in mind I'm a traditional artist, so my work will be done mostly in pen with limited digital screen-toning.

Seriousness level: 3-5/5  It depends. However, I don't do pages half-assed and I strive to produce something that meets your expectations. I'll present a storyboard to you before I draw the actual pages. I'm interested in doing this because I want to hone my manga skills.

Art Samples: Traditional ink with heavy digital screentone
Traditional ink with pencil screentone This was from, like, five years ago, so expect improvement.


These are people who fall into both categories, or who didn't give all their information, or both. But they did comment, so they might be interested in a project. Try messaging them and see what happens. Once again, if you want to be taken off this list or put in one of the other two lists, comment below.

1. :iconaiko-hirocho: Aiko-Hirocho

Says, "personally im kinda both... what im looking for its payed work so..."

2. :iconlooye: Looye

Says, "Ah... It's difficult to answer..."

3. :iconkoyuki-suimajou: Koyuki-Suimajou

I'd like to ask if I can simply volunteer as character designer for the writers (if they like to). In any case:

Project Status: I would like to partner with someone who's doing one shots or short comics to get back to practice drawing on the tablet again while a I have a couple of solo projects myself in which I plan to finish the first few chapters by December '15.

Preferred Genre: Fantasy, I guess? Usually simple/stylized manga drawing (check my gallery) or realistic if traditional pencil and paper is accepted. I'm up for anything since I'm looking to improve my style just as long as references are provided.

Seriousness Level:  More to 4 than 5 since I still have my projects as priority.

So, there you have it folks. Create away!
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DoctorCog Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015
Hi, so i'm not really sure where to post as a writer looking for an artist. Where would be the best place?
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Benepearl Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey there, im willing to help out anyone struggling with drawing the art for their manga, note me if you'll like my assistance :) nothing long term though, ill be willing to help with whatever you had in mind to help you promote yourself :)
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origamiinkwad Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
Looking for mangaka:
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