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Manga Creators is a place for both writers and artists of manga to come and get noticed. If you don't know what manga is it is Japanese Style Comics. So if you write, draw, tone, etc. on Manga then please feel free to join this group. We also accept fanart and much more pertaining to manga/anime.

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Common Information/Rules
#1 You can submit up to ONE artwork a day in this group. This is so that everyone's work gets seen.

#2 You can submit anything that has to do with manga/anime including: Original Stories, Fan Fiction, Original Art [logos, character concepts, etc.], & Fan Art. If you have a different kind of work you want to submit feel free to submit it. If it is accepted by any of the Founders or Co-Founders you will then find it in the gallery. If it is not accepted there might be many reasons why.

#3 We will accept mature works as long as they follow DeviantArt guidelines. If you do not want to see these mature artworks please turn your mature filter on right away.

#4 Anyone can join this group as a member. If you want to be one of the Contributors please send me a note saying you would like to be a contributor and I will then send you a invitation to our group.

#5 At anytime the rules/information are subject to change without notice.


If you are a Manga Creator looking for tools and resources for your comics then take a look at our sister site Manga-Apps!

Tutorial-Submitting to Groups

:bulletred:If you don't know how to submit to our gallery or can't figure out how please check out this Tutorial-Submitting to Groups by SanIakob to learn how.

Useful Blogs

:bulletred: Having a Comic Block? by xxheartlessbitchxx

Those In Charge


TheFlyinFerret is the Founder and 1st in command of Manga Creators. You may contact her if you have a problem with anything pertaining to the group.


Essency is the Co-Founder of Manga Creators.

xxheartlessbitchxx is our the 2nd in command of Manga Creators! If you can not get in touch with redsun2002 please contact her.

joiachi is the Super Gallery Admin who is 1st in command of the Gallery. If you have a question pertaining to the Gallery please contact her or one of the higher ups.

UzumakiRamen is Gallery Admin who help joiachi with the gallery.


mandk is in charge of updating the Collaborations and Assistance blog. Please note our group to be listed/removed.

LOOMcomics and anti-divine are Cheerleaders from our sister group Manga-Apps which I encurage you to take a look at and join if you make manga or comics of any kind.

Senior Members

Our Senior Members here work for their title. They follow all the rules, vote on galley submissions, and do more things around the group then our normal members. To apply to become a senior member please read this blog.

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:woohoo: Affiliate with us! :woohoo:
Our final update for 2014 is here and it's a big one! We've got over ten manga chapters for the Holiday Season! Let's jump right in!


First off, let's welcome our newest addition to the BURST GALAXY family; 1H3RO's Infinite the Journey!

Join the farmboy-turned-warrior Keio as he is flung into a conflict spanning the realms of Xoria while fighting to protect the only family he's ever known. Enlisted into the leagues of heroes and legends, will Keio be capable of mastering the strength within through his Soul Release technique and step up to meet his coming fate?

Find out in this triple Infinite update; Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 are all live in the galaxy, right now!!


Also in the BURST GALAXY this month, Chapter 8 of Ogawa Burukku's 2013-Award Winning series FaLLEN!

After a close shave with a mysterious figure (seriously, did you see that scythe?), the Guardians of Terra Maya finally find themselves in a period of peace. As Arma recovers from her battle and the other Guardians find their own ways to spend the downtime, the remaining nameless-girls begin to struggle with the weight of becoming Guardians. Will a new fighter manage to emerge from this lake of doubt?

FaLLEN Chapter 8 Break the Ice is now live in the BURST GALAXY!!


Matsuyama Takeshi's Okamirai also returns with a quadruple-chapter-update!

Having managed to survive his initial Yokai-encounters Chiba Jin is now faced with the life-changing decision of joining  Kuruno and the others in their battle to protect the Human World. Jin's resolve will be put to the test as he must decide whether or not to abandon his human life for the sake of his friends, but what new challenges will await him as more and more Yokai emerge into the world?

Okamirai Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10 are up now!


Concluding the BURST updates is Chapter 4 of J.M. Henry's The Lostland!

In this chapter of the Lostland's story, we're introduced to Rosso, a charismatic and skilled outlaw living on the edge while trying to beat his own "high score" by perpetually increasing his bounty. But Rosso's luck is about to take a dramatic-shift as he stumbles upon a mysterious conspiracy in the town of Lantern City, New Arum, and his pursuit of answers will bring him face-to-face with a familiar Shaper...

The Lostland Chapter 4, The 10,000,000 Chip Man, is now live!

New Cover

SHINE GALAXY concludes the new chapter updates with two new Magnolia Online chapters from Reon Merryweather and Power J!

Rita has finally managed to become somewhat proficient Archer-class player of Magnolia Online, but just when she is beginning to become accustomed to the game, she is inadvertently-dragged into a glitch zone! Lost with a rule-breaking "glitch explorer", Rita must find her way back to the game-proper, while her friends begin to notice the effects of these bizarre glitches in the game itself! Oh, and Tabitha gets kidnapped by a Player Killer Guild...

Magnolia Online, Part 2 and Part 3 are now live in the SHINE GALAXY!


Also, Irene Roga's Kyriade has updated Chapter 2 with three new concluding pages which you can find here!

501286 (1)

We wrap-up the updates this month with our review of Ryu Mizunagi's debut manga Witchcraft Works, which follows the connection between wallflower Takamiya Honoka and the super-powered fire witch Kagari Ayaka as it spins the gender-swap concept with its own bewitching-twist. But will this new manga-spell amaze or fizzle out?

Find out in David Rondinelli's review of Witchcraft Works Volume 1 now!


It's the start of a new Quarter, and Roster Voting has resumed in-full, so be sure to swing-by the polls and vote for the series you want to see stay on-top of the G.M.I. Rankings!


And Speaking of voting, we conclude this update, this month and this year with the official list of nominees for the 2014 Best of G.M.I. Awards!! These are the series that have successfully-qualified to compete for the title of the best original manga webcomic on the globe, so be sure to come back January 10th for the start of the voting! This will be a separate vote from the normal G.M.I. ranking vote that will include the following works from all three G.M.I. Galaxies:












Over $5000 and the title of "Best Original Manga Webcomic" are on the line! So be sure to come back in 2015 to see which one of these epic works will stand at the top of the world!
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Rizhnir Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Thanks for accepting my work :D  Very excited to be part of the group!
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HanaBordeland Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi ! I wanted to contribute art, but all my manga pages are in french so I wondered if I can do it ? 
Sorry for my english =P
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MMMMARRRR Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Hey , guys
I'm giving away a free 12 month premium Deviantart membership.
Link below is for anyone interested.…

Capsidia-Here Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hello, I'm searching for help with a comic project.
Details here :…
Have a nice day^^
Palmetto720 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014
Hello Deviantart community 

Hey everybody, this is Palmetto 720. Im clearly working on typing up a series that have been working on for 7 years, all the scripts are done, all that is needed now is to type them 

Title of Story: Legend Of A Zaterrian Hero 

Genre: Shonen, Action, Adventure, Homor, Tragedy 

Two months before the start of the series, two people had arrived at a well known planet, bent on destroying it in order to obtain the five keys of the universe. In order to protect the keys, as well as his family, a lone member of the Royal Family had decided to sacrifice his life in order to preserve the balance. Although he had placed a valiant fight, it was ultimately in vain as the planet was destroyed, and the keys shattered. As a result, the royal family was nearly extinct. It's only surviving member is Alexander, an adolescent teenage boy who was next to hold the Royal Throne, unaware of his planet's destruction. A tradition that has been carried since the beginning of time itself. Now held captive by the assiliants, he seeks to make his way out of this prison in order to find the truth of what happened to the planet, Zaterria. As he goes forth on his journey, he makes various allies and enemies. Will the truth be too hard to bear. 

Previously i had worked with an artist before, however, he had never communicated with me and as a result, i had missed many promotional oppourtunies, such as Yenpress and Dark Horse, as he would never communicate with me or the editor, and he would often refuse to make corrections to the chapters, often displaying them inaccurately. I even offered to pay him. However, he had ultimately quit after me, the editor, and the temporary artist had told him to correct the mistakes he had done with the boxes. as a result, i had to force myself on hiatus, as i was at 30 chapters in august, while he was at Three chapters. and this all started back a year ago. 

this is a free/Paid Comission 

What I mean by that is that For Every Chapter you create and post on Taptastic (provided that you have a paypal account) the views submitted from that chapter will be translated into money, from there. you will get all the money gained from the support program. I will try to get the 500 subscribers. All of the money will go towards the artist, for four years. By the time I graduate from college, with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration (Concentration in Animation), i'll then start paying you more often as ill be working in a company. I hope that by doing this, that we have an everlasting partnership, one that doesn't deteriorate due to greed. 

Note: Storyboards wont be included until the spring as ill be taking Storyboarding and Animation classes 

If anybody is interested, please comment. Also, please tell me where did i go wrong. i feel like i did something wrong here. 

and heres an example of the script. 

Page 1 
[Main box] [Somewhere in an unknown location] 
(First panel shows what appears to be a hallway with several jail cells) 
(Second panel shows a close up of one of the cells, particularly cell block c) 
(Third panel shows alexander sitting down) 
(Scene shows alexander looking around the cell) 

Page 2 
(Scene shows a guard opening the cell door where alexander is residing at) 
Guard: good, you’re awake, now move it. Get out of this cell at once. 
(Scene shows alexander moving out of the cell) 
Alexander: what’s the meaning of this, why am I…? 
(Scene shows the guard hitting alexander with a Taser) 
Guard: you are in no position to be asking me a question, now move it! 

Page 3 
(Scene shows the guard placing the taser back inside a pocket) 
(Scene shows Alexander slightly burnt) 
(Scene shows Alexander following the guard, clearly upset) 
(Scene shows them walking through the hallway with several cells) 

i can also do backgrounds, still praticing…;oe=54FEA341
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