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Manga Creators is a place for both writers and artists of manga to come and get noticed. If you don't know what manga is it is Japanese Style Comics. So if you write, draw, tone, etc. on Manga then please feel free to join this group. We also accept fanart and much more pertaining to manga/anime.

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Common Information/Rules
#1 You can submit up to ONE artwork a day in this group. This is so that everyone's work gets seen.

#2 You can submit anything that has to do with manga/anime including: Original Stories, Fan Fiction, Original Art [logos, character concepts, etc.], & Fan Art. If you have a different kind of work you want to submit feel free to submit it. If it is accepted by any of the Founders or Co-Founders you will then find it in the gallery. If it is not accepted there might be many reasons why.

#3 We will accept mature works as long as they follow DeviantArt guidelines. If you do not want to see these mature artworks please turn your mature filter on right away.

#4 Anyone can join this group as a member. If you want to be one of the Contributors please send me a note saying you would like to be a contributor and I will then send you a invitation to our group.

#5 At anytime the rules/information are subject to change without notice.


If you are a Manga Creator looking for tools and resources for your comics then take a look at our sister site Manga-Apps!

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:bulletred:If you don't know how to submit to our gallery or can't figure out how please check out this Tutorial-Submitting to Groups by SanIakob to learn how.

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Sorry to keep you waiting! We show up at the end of March with not one, not two, but THREE new series to make up for the delay! We've also got a brand new chapter of Apple Black and Hire-A-Goddess as well as an exclusive-interview with Stephen Whittingstall. Let's meet our three newcomers!

Brothers Grimm - Colour art ver 1
First up, a new fantastical-tale erupts onto the scene of the Burst Galaxy roster with Megan Brennan-Dent's Brothers Grimm.
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, an unstoppable warlord known only as Prince has conquered a kingdom, ruling with an iron-fist and an unstoppable level of strength. However, Prince's reign of might is challenged when an all-knowing Mirror Spirit reveals that he is destined to be destroyed by a trio known only as the "Brothers Grimm." And so, on orders by the tyrant, the search begins for the heads of the brothers. Meanwhile, in a nearby town, a lone violinist begins to play...
Check out the premiere-chapter of Brothers Grimm right here!

Next, we bring you The Steam Dragon Express, arriving in the Heart Galaxy thanks to writer R. Merryweather and artist Jowa.
A mysterious site has been discovered in the Cappadocia Ruins of Turkey; an ancient underground library with inexplicably perfectly-preserved tomes in unknown languages seemingly not of this world. Prodigical archeologist Dr. James C. Wingfield is called in to examine the site, but upon touching a mysterious blade, the young scholar is abruptly transported to an entirely different world of dragons and magic! James only hope for returning to his world lies in the mysterious flying-train the Steam Dragon Express, and the fantastical passengers aboard!
Check out the premiere-chapter of The Steam Dragon Express right here!

Also entering the Heart Galaxy roster this month is G.M.I. Forum regular Petitecreme's sweeping work The Wastelands.
In a world abandoned by the gods, people struggle to live on and seek meaning in their abandonment and survival. In the ruins of an ancient temple built to the departed deities, a mysterious figures begins to hunt a midst the ruins of antiquity.
The Wastelands - Rahu - Part 1 is right here, right now.


Getting back to the G.M.I. veterans, Whytmanga's Apple Black returns with its full third chapter!!
Tamashi Sano awakens in detention alongside fellow troublemakers Symon and Ryuzaki. But "detention" on Black Bottom Island isn't exactly what Sano, or any sane person, would expect! While the guys hang around (literally), tensions rise as Council inspector Miri Sofia arrives in response to Fattimunga's attack, and with aim to have Sano himself handed over to the New Regime for his role as the Trinity.
Catch Apple Black, Chapter 3, A Rush of Blood to the Head right here in-full!

Finally, we wrap things up with not only a new Hire-A-Goddess chapter! Check out David Rondinelli's exclusive interview with the man behind the deity-divas, and don't forget to check out the second chapter of Stephen's work now on G.M.I.!
After her...unique interview-experience for goddess-work, Akako decides to cut her losses and bail on this gang of nuts. But being a goddess of fire, especially a broke and homeless one, leave Akako with much to fear when all alone in the world, especially when being hunted by a new and mysterious enemy who has a special-score to settle with the goddesses.
Catch Hire-A-Goddess Chapter 2 now!
That's all for this month! We're presently working on a MASSIVE site update we're hoping to launch by the summer, so stay-tuned for updates on that and come back in April for more global-manga action!!
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Those In Charge


TheFlyinFerret is the Founder and 1st in command of Manga Creators. You may contact her if you have a problem with anything pertaining to the group.


Essency is the Co-Founder of Manga Creators.

xxheartlessbitchxx is our the 2nd in command of Manga Creators! If you can not get in touch with redsun2002 please contact her.

joiachi is the Super Gallery Admin who is 1st in command of the Gallery. If you have a question pertaining to the Gallery please contact her or one of the higher ups.

UzumakiRamen is Gallery Admin who help joiachi with the gallery.


mandk is in charge of updating the Collaborations and Assistance blog. Please note our group to be listed/removed.

LOOMinate and anti-divine are Cheerleaders from our sister group Manga-Apps which I encurage you to take a look at and join if you make manga or comics of any kind.

Senior Members

Our Senior Members here work for their title. They follow all the rules, vote on galley submissions, and do more things around the group then our normal members. To apply to become a senior member please read this blog.

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IchigoMurasaki Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've submitted a cover from my gallery twice and it still hasn't been accepted. What am I doing wrong?...
(2 Replies)
akkym Mar 6, 2014  New member  Traditional Artist
My artwork was pending for a long time but it is declined instead. I don't know why but I submitted it to the right folder and follow the rules. Here are the artworks:
:thumb438356013:   :thumb437020134:   :thumb435225101:
(1 Reply)
Thank you for letting me join, it's much appreciated! I have a question about submissions to the literature sub folders; does an original manga story written in a novel-type format go into the original scripts or original writings folder?
theirs also "La La Run(Ruin)" a story about a bunch of really boy playing volley for the most part)

M.C name is Seishin

age 14

3rd year middle school student

Appearance ( 145cm tall. Has long blond hair and green eye's. Has girly face and body. Were's green/yellow armor cloth i guess you can say. And crays and gray sword that also has the same colors. But has red hilt to it , with strings. an 2 ribbons tie to the top handle.

P.S : In the year 2130 humans have learn to coexist with ghost and are not longer afraid of them. But only about 10% of the world population can see spirit's , souls , and ghost.These people are call "Spirit Tamers". One which is young boy name Seishin and his 10 foot tall girl ghost name Deina But not all humans what to befriend ghost, for in this world theirs are those with special license to hunted down ghost , spirits, and soul and send them to world of non-existent were there soul will die and long pain full death. These humans are called "The Ghost Hunters". But many try resisting the power of these "Ghost Hunter's and fighting them back, while under the watchful eyes of the spirit lords..
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